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What is Aquacool Trend M.A.C. paint?

Aquacool Trend M.A.C. catalyzed paint opens the door to a new world of paint technology! What makes this paint so special?

Our M.A.C. catalyzed paint is enriched with a special hardener that makes the paint adhere exceptionally well to virtually any clean surface. But that's not all! This paint also dries faster and hardens, resulting in a more durable finish that resists scratches and water damage. Say goodbye to paint that fades and gets damaged.

But there's more. When you mix our Aquacool Trend M.A.C. paint with the corresponding catalyst, you create your own WATER-RATED Aquacool Trend MAC catalyzed paint. Although this type of paint is often used for cars, the application possibilities are endless. Whether you want to renovate a piece of furniture, start a creative project or give your home a new look, with M.A.C. paint you are always assured of superior adhesion and durability.

Aquacool Trend M.A.C. is based on an advanced nanotechnology formula, a combination of Multi-surface, Acrylic and Chalk, that excels on even the most challenging surfaces. It is the ideal choice for DIYers and professionals alike.

But how does CATALYzed paint actually work?

The hardener in this paint reacts chemically with the paint itself, resulting in rapid drying and curing. While other paints dry and cure when exposed to air, this happens much faster with catalyzed paint. Eventually, catalyzed paint becomes as hard as plastic!

And the benefits of CATALYzed paint are impressive:

  1. No sanding required: Unlike standard DIY paints, no sanding is required.

  2. No harmful solvents: Many other paints create microscopic holes after drying, allowing liquids, air and other elements to damage the paint. Catalyzed paint prevents these holes and provides a durable and scratch-resistant finish that resists stains such as water, coffee or alcohol.

Discover our M.A.C. paint and enjoy excellent coverage, a super-smooth silky finish and easy application. It is perfect for beginners who want to get started painting on their own. Explore the world of Aquacool Trend M.A.C. catalyzed paint and discover a new dimension in paint technology!

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