Aquacool Trend M.A.C. 500 ml. RAL 7034 Geelgrijs

Aqucool is a ALL-IN ONE paint for all types of surfaces.*

* Aquacool catalyst is recommended for use with MAC paints on inorganic surfaces.



With Aquacool Trend MAC Coating, you don't need primer, sandpaper or varnish. You can now repaint everything in your home without breaking or spilling anything you are tired of the color of or consider worn out.

Developed for the first time, Aquacool Trend MAC Coating stands out from traditional hobby paints on the market due to its nanotechnology formula, which provides excellent adhesion to all kinds of surfaces and was developed by industry professionals.

With its superior resin texture, you can create professional-quality surfaces on various materials such as furniture, doors, PVC window frames, tiles and more, all in your own home.

Product Features:

- No primer, sandpaper or varnish required.
- Fully water-based and odorless.
- Certified with EN71-3, safe for humans and the environment.
- Excellent adhesion to various surfaces, resistant to bumps and scratches.
- High coverage.
- Resistant to stains and dirt, easy to clean with water and a microfiber cloth.
- Ready to use.
- Wait 2-3 hours between coats.
- With 500 ml about 4-5 sq. ft.
- Packs have a special Lift & Peel folio lid system.
- Easy to apply with a velour roller or brush, with no visible streaks.

For surfaces other than wood and MDF, add Aquacool Catalyst to the MAC Coating.

Where to use.

- Wooden doors / panel doors
- Steel doors
- Kitchen and bathroom cabinets
- PVC frames
- Wooden furniture
- Household appliances
- Tiles and ceramics
- Tables, chairs, sideboards, TV units, cabinets
- Glass and ceramic surfaces
- Stone and brick surfaces
- Metal surfaces
- Concrete surfaces
- Stair railings
- Radiators

Additional information

RAL 7034

Imagine a color that captures the warmth of sun rays on a cloudy day and the tranquility of a pebble path beneath your feet. RAL 7034 Yellow Gray is like an ode to the subtlety of nature, in which the softness of gray is enlivened with a touch of sunshine. Yellow gray exudes a sense of balance and quiet joy, like a walk through a quiet park in early autumn. It is the color of harmony and contentment, adding a sense of serenity and cheerfulness to any space. Yellow-gray is like a reminder of sunny days and a promise of inner calm, a color that invites you to relax and enjoy the simple pleasures of life.

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